Everyone who knows me knows that I am NOT the handy man type. I am more the shopper. I am really a girls best friend. I love chick flicks, the mall, clothes, shoes, music…I am a GREAT girlfriend! I guess some would say my wife is lucky! 🙂 Well today I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone. As a staff we went to the “Witness Home” to do some rehab. Not the Amy or Lindsay type, we went there to make this house better. The Witness Home is a privately owned and operated transition home for women who want to get their life straight. It is a place for ladies to go and get their lives back on track, a job, an apartment, and even furniture when they are moving out! The ladies that run it are really saints. There are not a lot of saints in our world, but they qualify. So we went in and worked it out. 18 pallets of sod. ladies cleaning, working, painting, tossing junk, just doing all we could to help make their home more…homey. 1 day of our lives. 8 hours of our time. let me put into perspective for you what the little we did means to these ladies: A clean place to stay and house new girls. New stuff (cleaning supplies, fans, light fixtures, etc…). And because we did this, Patricia, the lady who runs Witness, told Jackie that her daughter will now be able to have a birthday and christmas. That may not do anything to you, but that brings a tear to my eye. Our little day of work allowed that 15 year old girl (tomorrow) will get to have a birthday and Christmas! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I would go do that again just for that, not to mention all the other ladies that will now have a better life. As I was working today, I was just thanking God for the chance to help impact someone’s life! Now we just have to figure out how to shift this from a “once every 10 year” thing to a common trait that we live. Live a life to help someone else….you never know, you might just be able to provide them with the memories of Christmas and birthdays!