Life is so short. What we achieve on this earth is measured in depth of relationship WAY more than anything else. Think about how Jesus lived life. He ate meals with people ALL THE TIME! He hung out at the wells. Do you know what the present day well is? Starbucks. Jesus lived life in relationships. When I was in high school we had this little like 13 inch black and white tv that i would put in my room and watch basketball on in march. i had to be in bed, but i did not want to miss anything that happened during march madness. I LOVED those moments. But how much better would those games have been if they where in color? Plasma color? Don’t sell yourself out and settle for a 13 inch b+w life. Live in full color. Vibrant color. Allow yourself to be hurt sometimes in relationships. Be selfless. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Be willing to go out of your way to do something for someone else. LIVE LIFE FULL! A full life does not cost a lot of money. It does not take a nice car or a house. A full life starts with the people in your world that you interact with every day. EMBRACE THEM. Life is short kids…enjoy people. Go hang at the well with someone today.

PS: tomorrow we are going to rehab a house as a staff. This is an awesome exercise and will be great for us as a team. It is part of our calvary cares campaign. The only sad thing is, as christians we should live this type of campaign. I am not sure how everyone else feels about this, but I am excited about it. I suck at stuff like this but I am going to go out there and work my butt off and leave a mark on that house. More on this tomorrow.