This morning I was sitting here reflecting. I have a big day ahead of me, TONS to get done. So I started to think about how change really takes place. What is the road map for change? How can change be a positive? How can we as a culture make a difference in the world? Each generation gets a moment to leave their mark. As I have stated, I am working on a blog about Christianity. I feel the “next big thing” in Christian culture is actually what we should have been doing all along, being the hands and feet of Jesus and bringing the kingdom to earth. Finding a way to save people from eternal hell, but also the hell they live in right here on earth, right now. You see, at the core, people all desire the same thing…LOVE. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone is searching for it, needs it, wishes they could experience it. Love is the emotion that drives people to do things that are out of their character. Love manifests in anger sometimes, frustration even carries shreds of love, but love is the core. Love is what motivates people. So what do you love? what are you doing with your love? is your love used to make you better or to better those around you? Love is the currency for change. love is going to be the method of conversion. Love is what Jesus was about. Love is motivation…is your love being used as a currency for change or is your love being held hostage? Let love live. Much love.