Tonight I will finish Velvet Elvis. I have 20 pages left and an hour flight home. SLAM DUNK! Speaking of slam dunk, I have 2 spots open in our fantasy league if anyone would like to play and fantasy hoops and is going to take it serious. So back to the importance…God created YOU!

As I was reading today I discovered some awesome things about God and how he created you and me. Here they are in no particular order:
God chooses the people that others do not think could succeed at the job.
God created us to bring heaven to earth and to help break people out of the hell they live in every day of their lives.
God needs me to be me, not some watered down version of someone else.
“Jesus took some boys who did not make the cut, and used them to help him change the course of the world.” – I want to be one of those boys.
The goal of life is not sin management. It is living in the fullness of who God created me to be.

OKAY, i have SO much more to write, but the pilot is calling. Headed home, which is a good place to be.