I have had a great weekend hanging out with my good friend Andy Zipf. If you have not taken the time, please run over to THIS SITE and check out his music. When you visit, you will be able to download 6 amazing songs off of his site, FOR FREE! You see Andy is an artist. Andy keeps it real. Sure, he has an outstanding voice, and could write a song that would move your soul in his sleep, but it is the depth of spirit that is so enchanting. Andy won’t sell out. He is an ARTIST. He has an integrity to his music. Andy feels called to take his experience and relationship with God to people who are searching, people who are not willing to submit to a religious game. Andy loves God. Every time he sings, it is worship. From bars, to clubs, to pizza joints, to sitting in a circle with 2 other songwriters and like 4 “fans”, it does not change how Andy Zipf sings. Andy found his love in music. He could care less about record deals, radio play, and the motivations that move most wannabe artists. Andy makes music because it is who he is…at his core. Andy decided one day while working at a coffee house, I am done slinging java, it is time to do what I love.

You see, Andy decided it was time to do what he loves, it was time to start living the things God created and made his purpose. How often in life do we allow expectations, comfort, maybe even responsibility to keep us from stepping into the rhythm that God has created for us. Andy lives his life in the unforced rhythms of grace. He moves freely in a world that rarely allows for free living. God gave him a vision, and he choose to follow that vision. What is the vision for your life? Are you ready to be like Andy?

Here is “Body Broken” live. Enjoy