This morning I was doing my devotions and reading some Velvet Elvis, I came up with these 3 thoughts. I do not know if they will mean anything to you, but the rocked my world. 

  1. Make sure you do not let anything kill or waste either you today OR your tomorrow. I tend to be an emotional person. I can let some of my emotions wreck me on the inside. No longer.
  2. I am loved just because I exist. God created me. Enough said.
  3. A few weeks ago I dug up some stuff about myself. It made me vulnerable, weak, broken, and scared. At the same time I was the most alive! I have to figure out how to stay in that broken place. HIS presence lives in the broken place. The broken place is a place where HIS grace and mercy flows. 

I am not so sure this blog will be the biggest view ever, however, it is what i am right now.