Velvet Elvis is a great book. It is an easy easy read, but it is taking me a long time to get through this book for some reason. Maybe I have to much going on in my life and I am not carving out enough time for reading, which could very well be the case. My friend Troy always says: “Everyone always says how busy they are. The truth is that you make time for what is important to you.”

I was talking to a friend earlier today and told them I that I really struggle with “man pleasing.” I took a personality test a few weeks back and the results where SCARY! I am a person who wants everyone to be happy. I want every situation to be win-win. I can not stand weird situations in relationships or drama. I want everyone clicking, in rhythm, and enjoying life! I want this so much that often I begin to focus more on pleasing those around me than pleasing God. So back to Elvis, as I was reading this morning, I came across these words:

“Your job is the relentless pursuit of who God has made you to be. And anything else you do is sin and you need to repent of it.”

All the worry, time, manipulation, concern if the people I care about are “feeling me”, are pleased….the more i thought about his the more I realized I was FAR more concerned with peoples impression of me, and if they where okay with me than I was concerned if I was relentlessly pursuing who God made me to be! I slip into moments where I become more concerned with meeting the expectations of others than with meeting the PURPOSE GOD CREATED IN ME!