Tonight I was talking with an AMAZING friend about relationships and how important they are to our lives. As we talked I made a comment that as the words came out of my mouth rattled my world. I have a handful of people in my life that are so amazing I just do not feel that I deserve to have them. I do not say this in an effort to bring attention to myself, but rather as a thanks to God for blessing me with people that have learned to care about others more than they care about themselves. 

My parents taught me at a young age the importance of thinking about others more than ourselves. I remember being in the “Petion-Ville” house in Haiti as a kid, being upstairs and hearing my parents talking about how some of the people who where there on a mission acting. I also remember waking everyone up early on a day that everyone could sleep in…both instances and opportunities to learn to think about other people before yourself. Selfish friendships will never last. 1 sided relationships do not usually make it through the fire. I have had the opportunity to tell SOME of the people that I really care about how much they mean to me over the course of the past week or so…others, I have not had the chance. Take some time. Embrace your relationships. We only get one chance, so do all you can with that chance!

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