First some quick notes about Mark 3:

  •  Vs. 1-3 Religious people are always looking for you you to break the rules and usually tend to be more consumed with the rules than with people actually being touched. is being a christ follower not about changing and impacting lives? that is way more important that a lot of these man made sins we have created that God does not even care about. NOW, sin is wrong so don’t do what HE says not to do…
  • Jesus avoided public flattery from the “evil spirits.” “…he shut them up forbidding them to identify him in public.” This is how you start getting pride in your life.
  • Jesus choose 12 people and did the following: 1. he spent time with them. (training, preparing, pouring into them) 2. he sent them out and gave them authority (it was not about holding them back because of what they could do for Him, he knew the importance of sending them OUT to achieve the ultimate goal)

I was also reading today about how when the women came to touch the hem of Jesus garment, she was looking for something to happen. Yes, she was healed but more importantly, she was sent out in peace. Jesus said “Shalom” a hebrew word that when actually translated means “to go in peace”. So many times in our life we feel peace is the absence of drama. For me, I LIVE for peace. I feel so often there is so little peace in my life. It is how I am wired. It is part of my struggle. when I was reading that real meaning of SHALOM is the “presence of the goodness of God. It is the presence of wholeness and completeness.” That rocks my sock. I need His presence EVERYWHERE I am, in all I go through. I need his wholeness and completeness. today…Shalom to my peeps.