disclaimer: ADD is on HIGH. My mind is swimming. This may not be very coherent. I am struggling with a blog that I have wanted to write for weeks. Each day I work on it a little more. it is about christianity, christians, and christian culture. i think it will be good if i can ever flush through all the thoughts. as i have started to write it i have found several sources supporting the movement that i believe is about to invade christian culture if there is such a thing. more to come when i get through the though process and figure out how to “resolve the tension”. 


<br>Today I went to the C3 conference in jax. it was really good. I have been a big fan of Ed young since I first heard him over 3 years ago. I remember the first time I heard him, the “in the zone” series. Ed was great. He spoke about leadership, communication, church life. He was polished, he challenged people, he was funny and it was great. At times, there where things I did not totally agree with him on, more than I actually thought there would be really, but just theory probably. It was great. Great to hear and great to see how my life “vision” is changing. Don’t hear what I am not saying. Today was a great day and I learned TONS. But some of what I learned was more about myself. 


<br> during a break i found a link on my man jay’s blog to this site (www.theIheartRevolution.com)THE I HEART REVOLUTION. Below is the mission statement of this movement: 

all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.. for the church – the hands and feet of Jesus and His plan for the salvation of this big, broken sphere of dirt, water and life we temporarily call home, this has never sounded with more urgency.. it’s time for a revolution.. fuelled by a dissatisfaction with self-centred living and complacent faith.. driven by a desire for truth, love and justice..

<br> every person, regardless of location or social status has the desire to be valued and loved. <br> This is a movement of worshippers that is moved by love, justice, equality, the things Jesus REALLY cares about the most.

I loved hearing Ed, and it was great, but I would trade a day with Ed for an hour with these guys learning how I can make my world intersect with their world. We have one life. We have one opportunity to use the gifts God has given us to maximize and impact the world (which really means to impact peoples lives through relationships). I have to do all I can with this chance!  <br> “To be saved costs us nothing. to be a disciple costs us everything.” What price am I paying? What price are YOU paying?