I often get asked about creativity. Creativity is organic. You can not turn it off and on like a switch. It comes in waves. At times you feel SUPER creative. Other times, you feel like you can not ingest oxygen. Creativity rarely comes when you expect it and is seldom something you are able to quantify.

I was talking with my friend Jay last night and we where talking about how God has created everyone so amazingly different. If the world was full of “creative people” no one would EVER be on time, ever have order, systems, or function. it would be a fun, colorful abstract world, but everyone would die. On the flip if the world was full of “analytical people” there would be no color, no spur of the moment stuff, no music…life would be like the movie, “Stranger Than Fiction” before Harold Crick starts to experience life. you get the drift. So in talking about how awesome it is that God relates to all kinds of people and he can be analytical and creative all at the same time…amazing.  

then I saw this commercial and I started trippin. THIS IS EXACTLY how I feel. This is an amazing representation of how creativity works. Yes Gwen is dope. Yes Gwen is a hottie. Yes Gwen is way creative. NO i do not like HP, i am an apple guy, but props to HP for going out of the box and actually being….CRE8TIVE. With no further ado, here is a 30 second glimpse into Gwens mind, and mine.