What is the number that drives you? We count all the crap in our life. What number is the threshold for quitting? What is that number for you? Okay, now that this thing has happened, that puts me at 173 bad things and I can now quit. On the flip, what is the number that makes you feel successful? Now i have 3 cars. Now I make “X” dollars. i have been “blessed” to this level, so now i am successful. the things are the bi-product of the blessing by the way. the things are not the blessing. the blessing is the grace and favor over your life. the blessing is being saved.

i think that maybe the thing we should be counting is really just the cost. God’s idea of success looks a heck of a lot different than ours does. Understand, God wants you to succeed. God does not get excited by your trials. But the bottom line is really simple, its not about you, your things, or your placement. It is about His placement. Here are some numbers that should matter to us: 7×70-the number of times we should forgive. 1-God, so if we have more than 1 in our life than we probably need to adjust. 1-(part 2) life and chance to impact the world.

there are a million more, but for now that is enough. I am trying to stop counting my own stuff and figure out what and how I get into HIS purpose for my life. What are you counting?