today i was reading about the crucifixion of Jesus. As I was sitting there reading it, I started to think, I have heard this a MILLION times. all i could think about was how the acts where portrayed in the film: The Passion Of The Christ. That movie moved me. But then a sentence leaped from the pages. Joseph from Arimathea was described as “…a disciple of Christ…”.  4 little words. So often I hear about how Jesus had the 12 disciples. This proves that he made disciples of more than just the 12. To disciple someone you have to get in their lives. YOu have to spend time with them. You have to become a part of the things they care about. Discipleship takes time. It is not always comfortable, and is going to be a job at times. HOWEVER, the rewards of seeing someone become all that God created them to be are PRICELESS. The feeling you get when you see someone overcome things that have held them back for years, the feeling of seeing them mature, grow, and then seeing them starting to pour into another person, PRICELESS.  I have allowed a lot of years to go by between peeps that I have poured into, but not any more. I know who I got, who do you GOT?