have you ever been in the cloud? I dont know if it is emotions, the fast, the lack of caffein, the drama, or what but tonight i am in the cloud. My head is swimming…so many thoughts. Im ready for today to be over and a new day to start. oh well. i guess it is just how we roll sometimes. a red bull would be amazing. good food, good friends, good fun. im in need.  

a fast is a funny thing. on the daniel fast, it seems as the rules are somewhat blurred. everyone is kind of doing their thing, staying close to the same type of foods. i get concerned sometimes as to if the thought of what we eat, or don’t eat, or the competition to be better than the next guy gets in the way of what God really has destined for us during a fast. A fast can produce some strong spiritual warfare in your life. Be ready for it if you decide to get serious about your fast. as ready as i am for this to be over, i have received some amazing revelation in my life as well as the lives of some friends and loved ones. As personal as I have made this fast, and as much as i have complained about it, I know God is up to something.

it is 11 p.m. I have 1 more phone call tonight before I can retire. I look forward to hearing what my friend has to say. He has had a big day, big meetings. Today I had a lot of stuff to deal with…a lot of people talked to me about a lot of crazy stuff. MOST of it had NOTHING to do with me…I guess it is kind of my thing, to be the listener. Im cool with it. I like helping people. I do hate the feeling of not being able to help the people I love though…Maybe tomorrow I will find some answers.