Today was a great day. Woke up, took  Zay to school, hung out with some dope peeps all day as I worked and got a TON of stuff done. During the day, we stumbled on a dateline report from May about Carlton Pearson. Now lets get one thing clear on the front end. I do not believe in the theory or theology or whatever it is called of “inclusion”. I believe there is a heaven and a hell. At times I get confused by all the books I can read about what it actually takes to get into either of these places, however, I am sure that God is a God of grace, peace, love, and hope. I strive every day to be closer to THAT God. The God. So before you start freaking out and thinking that I am into what Carlton believes, again, I am not down with his theology. 

As I watched this roughly 10 minute report, my heart broke for several reasons. First, the report introduces Carlton and tells his story. That man had/has an anointing on his life that was/is revolutionary and world changing. God plucked him out and set him on a path to help people meet God. Over the course of his “career in ministry” he saw amazing success. My heart broke as he talked of his success and simultaneous “act” of being a preacher. Getting up, sweating, ringing the bell, giving people what HE felt they wanted. What about what God wanted? Furthermore he said that at times he felt that he did not even love God anymore. Ministry had become his life and his job, there was no balance.

Then one night, in the middle of success, he was watching tv and saw kids that would not live because of where they lived in Africa. His heart broke. Out of love he asked God why. This is where he claims God told him that there was no Hell. In the midst of love and compassion, he became confused. This man believes full force in his “new revelation”. Is he right, I dont think so, but he does. Is he going to hell? That is for God to decide not me. But here is where my heart broke for this man…

Carlton Pearson was “the man”. He had it all. over 6k people a weekend. Premier big conference host. Big church, house, cars, salary, everything that we think is important. God stripped it all. My heart broke as the second part of the story started by saying something along the lines of: Pearson, on his way to fame and fortune as a minister. WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT! I am all for ministers earning a fair wage. I am all about people being paid what they are worth but “fame”? What is that about. That is how the world looks at us. Like we are chasing this crap. Beyond that, I was moved by the fact that EVERYONE was jocking Carlton Pearson when he said what they wanted to hear. When he sweated, spit, sang, preached, prayed for people, or whatever it is that turns us on as pentecostals, even when he admits a lot of times he did it in his own power or routine. No doubt God showed up, but a lot of time emotion was a lot stronger than God was.

Where did all the people who thought Carlton was the man go? They disappeared. His “friends” bailed because what he was starting to preach was just a little bit to much for them to stomach. Great friends. All the people who where in love with him rolled fast when he no longer was the pentecostal hero and could not help propel them to their own fame. Now I have to give props to Oral Roberts. He took the time to talk openly and honestly with Carlton. That is what relationship is about, LOYALTY. It means, hey, Im sticking with you no matter what happens. No, I may not agree with you, but your still my FRIEND and because of that I refuse to bail on you even though the masses are running for the hills. Relationship will keep you around when everyone else gets scared. Relationship sticks. Relationship loves, UNCONDITIONALLY. Relationship has the hard conversations. Relationship goes out of its way to make sure you are okay, even if you don’t agree. Relationship means a whole lot more than “fame and fortune”. Relationship is bigger than what I can do for you or you can do for me. Relationship is giving. Relationship is wanting others to achieve all God has for their lives. Relationship is about pushing each other to chase and achieve dreams, not being afraid that those dreams won’t meet my purpose. Relationship is sacrifice.

Tonight, I pray for Carlton Pearson. I pray grace and mercy on his life. He is a broken man. I pray he sees the truth, without losing the passion he has found for the Lord. I pray that people who have hurt him come back and love him again. I pray that he figures it out, because what he STILL has a lot to offer the world as an orator for God. I pray that in his brokenness he is able to find love and relationship again. I have made some mistakes when my friends have made errors in their lives. I apologize for that, and want to be the right kind of friend from here on out. To my friends, heros, and those I love…Im with you. I am all in for the next 50 years…or more.