Today I was reading the story of the events that took place before the crucifixion. I have heard this story a million times so i was praying for something fresh. Then it dawned on me as I finished reading. The “characters” in the bible all where real people who wrote the stories of their lives, letters, and events that they experienced. The craziest thing about it all is that the guys who wrote the bible, especially the new testament, all where just normal guys. They had flaws, they had issues, they struggled with stuff. They did not live a perfect life. They where full of questions. These guys, who really helped to transform history all where real, normal dudes. God uses normal people, just like you and me, to transform history. So what is keeping you from being a history maker? Do you think these guys had a clue the day they got recruited all they would see and experience, and most of all learn? NO WAY! if they did they would have been scared or worse full of pride that they where chosen to be part of Jesus posse. It is normal people who do abnormal things. It is normal people who decide to live a different way, and thus change the course of generations. Now its your turn. What can you do TODAY to leave an impact? what can you do today to change the course of your destiny?