I am in Moss Point Mississippi tonight. Getting ready to go to church. Just wanted to drop a quick blog before church starts. Good day today. I went to work and was looking for what God would have for me today. In that process, he has opened the door for me to start a new relationship. I am really excited about this. More to come later, maybe, but I believe God has placed someone in my life and there is a divine purpose in the plans. Now it is funny because I have “known” this person for some time, but I am about to REALLY get to know this person. I am so excited. Who is in your world that you have not taken the time to really know? Well Im off. It stinks here. There is a fish plant or something, Evan calls it the “pokie” I have a lot of junk going on this weekend (including watching the VMA’s which I am actually excited about for the first time in years). Okay. Be GREAT, enjoy Friday and the weekend, ask yourself what you can do to make your world better….TODAY!