So today I was talking to my man Smalls. Smalls is a good dude. We talked about relationships and how awesome and important they are. As we talked we started really feeding off each other. You know how it is when you are in rhythm with someone. We talked about how the most important thing in the world is relationships. The premise of our faith is even built on relationship. 

  •  The most important relationship you can have is with your heavenly father. Somewhat a given.
  • The amazing thing about relationships is that they are give and take. In every relationship, there is a producer and a consumer or a talker and a listener. If you are always the consumer and are not giving in your relationship, you are going to burn through your relationships.
  • God loves us. He created us to have a relationship with him. If you spend time with him, you will start to care about the things HE cares about. 
  • God, like humans, wants to talk about the things that matter to him. (You, your problems, his people, the poor, the widow, issues)
  • When you spend time with contagious people you catch what they have. What are you contagious with? I want to be a contagious listener, someone who loves without condition….
  • Relationships are organic. They have to be nurtured to grow. If they are ignored they die. 
  • If your relationships are all about you, you may not have them long.
  • There are 5 love languages, learn them all. Just because your language is 1 thing does not mean that the people you are in relationship speak the same language. 
  • People just want to be loved and accepted.
  • it is the little things in life, the kind words, the thinking of others, that endears you to others in relationship.

SO that is enough for tonight. I am not always great at being a friend, but I am trying. Relationships make life fun. They add flavor to a very bland world. Relationships will last longer than jobs, money, cars, or things…relationships mean the WORLD to the people who are in relationship. Due a little inventory, are you doing all you can to make your relationships GREAT not good? If not, its time to start working.