Something very interesting happened today. We are on a fast so we went to Crispers for lunch so we could get some soup. We had a good group of people,8 to be exact. We sat in a long booth. We got our food and started talking about real things. We discussed fights in marriage. What it is like to get on peoples nerves. Funny things that have happened to us. Some real authenticity on how we react to certain situations. We talked about love, life, God, and other mysteries. We talked about the struggles of faith. How sometimes you don’t “feel” what you are supposed to “feel”…just real life stuff. Well I guess we had such a good time and laughed so much that one of the managers came over and asked us to keep it down. She was sweet, and the truth is, we probably had started to get pretty loud. Not 5 minutes later a lady we had never meant before walked up. Her name was Jaclyn. She said: “I am an actress and I just wanted to tell you guys something. I don’t know where you work or what you do but it is great to see you enjoying each others company and life so much.” Trent jumped on the chance to invite her to church. A few things struck me about this little real life story that happened to us today:

  1.  Someone took the time out of their busy life to recognize that others where having fun and was so moved by this she had to ask a question. We go to lunch at this place at least twice a month and sometimes more than that. In all the times we have been there the only other time I would say we have invited someone to church was when Trent saved the guy from choking. (Maybe Trent is the evangelist). Today we lived our life and had a good time and through that where able to invite someone to church. What a novel concept. 
  2. When we talked today at lunch, we talked about real stuff. We talked about struggles, fights, faith, lack of faith…we talked about God and how he loves even when we don’t totally get Him. And by the way, how can we “get” and infinite God when we have a finite mind?
  3. Laughter is a better magnet for attention then being a freak.
  4. It was a joy to see people I love enjoying their lives. I mean Troy was laughing so hard he was pushing me over. Trent fell over in the booth @ least 3 times. KiKi and Jackie held it down for the ladies and laughed at both themselves and the boys. It was awesome to see people enjoying life. Evan, Jon, and Jimmy all said things that I was not sure we would recover from. I am sure it has happened a gazillion times before, but i noticed it today. And that was like seeing it for the first time. 
  5. Life is better when you live it in relationship. 

 So tomorrow, when you wake up, make a plan to live life to the extreme. Laugh harder than you ever have before. Love harder than you ever though possible. Cry with more passion that you did as a kid. Breathe deeper. Life is here for the living. God is a God of emotions. He created them for us to feel them.