Velvet Elvis is rocking the spot: “The moment God is figured out with nice neat lines and definitions we are no longer dealing with God. We are dealing with someone WE made up. And if WE made him up WE can control him.” 

How I work though my salvation is on me. It may not be how you do it. It may not be how he or she does it. Its all good. Stop trying to put God in your box. Stop Trying to make your God work on my needs in your way. I am not you. I am not him, her or them…I am me. God wants to have a unique, special, intimate relationship with you. I have great friends in my life. How I relate to my friend TROY is not the same way I relate to my friend Jay or Evan, or Trent, or KiKi, get it? God is a very creative artist who has taken special time to create us as unique creators. Do not impose your path down Destiny’s Road on my life. He may take me a different route, knowing me He will. The ultimate goal is knowing him better. When God uncovers the crap in our lives he is revealing His glory.