I am reading a great book, Velvet Elvis. My friend, Trent, got me hooked on it the other day. I am early in this book but I got wrecked today by this concept: God is so infinite. He has no beginning and no end. We are finite creatures. We can not even comprehend his name, let alone his true nature. Our problem is we try to figure out the plans of God in our finite way. How crazy is that? How in the world would we figure out an infinite God when we can not even figure out our finite self. Thus the need for faith. Faith, hope, love…God cares about you. He loves you. He loves you where you are. So after learning this today, I started to pray that God would give me an infinite love for people like he has. I want to love people different. Not even 4 hours later I was talking with a GREAT young man who is going through some stuff. A lot of the stuff he is going through is not his fault and should have never happened to him. He is hurting and I hurt for him. As he sat talking to me telling me about all that is going on my heart broke for him. Not just because he was hurting but because I believe God has a huge plan for his life and all that God is allowing him to go through is preparation for his next level. love infinitely….

p.s. Mat Kearney is on Leno tonight.