I read a lot. A lot of what I read is related to what is cool, what helps people communicate, to relevance in culture, society, life. So today it hit me in mid conversation. Relevance has ZERO to do with cool. So often people associate “cool” with “relevant”. Allow me to explain my theory.Relevant will usually be cool. Cool can be far from relevant. I listen to a lot of music…A LOT! Some of the stuff that is REALLY cool, is not very relevant to the rest of my office, let alone the rest of the world. It is cool but not relevant.

In our churches today we are striving for relevance, and we think that relevance is coolness. Relevance really has nothing to do with cool. Relevance has to do with data, outcome, change. If you are relevant to someone you are able to communicate to them. Speak their language, which may or may not be cool, and help them achieve change, a better life, something new. Billy Graham is FAR from cool, but he sure has been extremely relevant over the years. On top of that, a lot of what we think is cool, the world is laughing at us saying, “thanks guys, welcome to 4 years ago, maybe next time.”  

Relevance is fluid. Relevance is unique. Relevance is time sensitive. I am not saying we should not watch culture, trends, life, etc and see what is going on. What I am saying is this: we have to start speaking the native tongue of our culture. Start changing peoples lives in an Emmaus way.  Start pouring into relationships. Effect people at their core, not at there feeler. Feelings fade but your core is going wherever you go. The great communicators in life are relevant even if they are not very cool.

Be Relevant!