Yesterday I was watching a clip of Tina Fey moments. Tina is probably the funniest female on the planet. I crush on her big time! So as I am watching the clip, a moment from “Mean Girls” (which I did see cuz I get down like that) came on. Tina is talking to Lindsay Lohan about how she is a pusher. She makes the comment…”I push people. I pushed my husband to law school, then he left me, that was a bad idea. I pushed myself to work 3 jobs to pay for my divorce, and now I am going to push you to reach your potential.” As I was laughing my butt off from all the other stuff I had a moment of realization….we need pushers in our lives! We need to also be pushers. I want people in my life pushing me to be better. I want to be pushed to be a better dad, a better husband, a better person. I want to get better at my job, become better as a friend, just freaking get better in life! At the same time I want to be a person who will push others. I have the chance to push young people from time to time but I want to be better at it. I live a great life and I want to share that with other people. I want to be someone who is a pusher. are you pushing anyone? are you ready to be pushed?