I love when people embrace change. Change is a tough thing. We get comfortable, secure or whatever and when we do we lose site of the very things that we live for. Change stretches you. It makes you step out of your comfort zone and do something that you normally may not like. One of the funniest things about change is that it takes courage. Courage to allow people to talk about you because you are willing to change things. Courage to embrace the new or the unknown. Courage to go against the flow or the expectations that people have set on you. Change does not have to be a massive shift, it can be as simple as just breaking up your routine. Change breeds haters. Last night Jackie and I where talking about how much we have changed since we met, got married, etc. It is funny. Changing things give you a new perception. Change allows you to see who really supports you and who is just using you to make them better. change stretches you, your relationships, and your life. I love change. I love changing things just to change them sometimes. Change breeds success too. Dont be afraid of change. Try some things. Push yourself. Allow yourself to do something that you think wont work, just to see if it does. Change is hard but without some change, you may never find your real destiny.