I have been blessed with a GREAT family. I love my people. My parents rock. My brother and his crew are the bomb. My in-laws are all dope. But my PEOPLE…my crew…my homies…nothing like them. It will be NO shock to anyone who has seen a family photo we have adopted one of our kids. Adoption is such a unique experience. You are taking the responsibility and the life of someone that another person did not feel they could either handle or want. I pray every day that any spirit of rejection is broken off of Isaiah’s life…but there will be things he has to figure out. The other day in our staff meeting one of my friends asked we pray for a 6 year old girl who is being placed up for adoption and looking for a home. WOW! your 6 years old and someone is saying they don’t want you. WHAT THE HECK~! that is a life you are jacking with. I love adoption. Adoption makes me realize the power of love. I love my son like no one else in the world. He is my dogg, my boy, my hero. he does not even realize it. i love my daughter too, she is a princess…but there is a different connection between a dad and a son. when we adopted zay, we had some friends adopt at the same time. The dad in that relationship talked to me so much about his struggle to bond. Bonding with Zay was easy for me. It just happened. I refused to let it be an option. Bonding is key to adoption but it is also key to relationships. Without a period of bonding, there can be no depth. Ask yourself today if there are any relationships you need to spend some time on, get some bondo going? or are there other relationships that you need to get clear of? Adoption Rocks. I think God for the ability, responsibility, honor, and blessing adoption has brought to my life. LIFE IS GOOD KIDS, enjoy it.