The second night of camp meeting was by far and away my favorite night. I am driven by a sermon that provides me the ability to take some action points away with me. It is important to me to be able to get better in life. Hype does not play big for me. Now, that is not saying that it is for everyone, or that if you like a more “charged” atmosphere that it is any less deep. Just of me, for my style, I know what I dig. Gary Oliver was articulate, passionate, and real. He shared from his hurt. He articulated his pain, his revelation, and the processes in his life. I was moved by his wisdom and by his ability to connect as a communicator. What was really cool was even though he lost his luggage, he got up to speak right when he walked in the door, an hour late, and he was wearing jeans and a shirt as opposed to the suits that everyone else had on, he just got up and did what he did. Here are some thoughts from his sermon. 

  •  Peoples lives have a central theme, given by god, that they always come back too. Your life will always revert back to that theme, it is in your DNA.
  • Tabernacle was built around the altar like our lives should be built around God.
  • East is symbolic of fresh and rising
  • Tabernacle had one door to limit access. We have to limit access to our life. 
  • Gen. 1:26 – We rule over the fish (emotions), birds (thoughts), cattle (substinance), creeping things (demons/spirits)
  • God is 3 things: spirit, love, and life
  • we are created in his image, spirit , love, and life
  • we where created to rule and not to ruled. we can not allow people and circumstances to control us. 
  • control by people is witchcraft. no one should control you.
  • anything that you allow to be over you, you are in worship to…
  • get your emotions in control
  • control your thoughts
  • as a m an thinks, so is he
  • get hold of where God is trying to take you
  • learn to take over
  • strong holds keep you in not down. 
  • 3 things paul says can keep you in bondage: vain imaginations, high and lofty things that lift themselves up against the knowledge you know of God to be and NOT taking every thought captive to the lordship of christ. 
  • blessings are not things. things are byproducts of a blessed life. 
  • blessings are things spoken…say what you heard so you can see what you said. 
  • you would be amazed at what you could do if you would get control in your life
  • rule over the earth starts with rule over you
  • you never know a sacrifice of praise until you give up something you love.

This service will create several blogs for my life. i learned so much through this revelation and through the authenticity that Gary Oliver was willing to allow himself to have.