Tim Storey spoke @ all three of our services Sunday morning. Here are some notes and thoughts:

  •  Life is about rhythms. If you remember the other day, I wrote a blog on “Learning The Unforced Rhythms Of Life”, Tim validated how life is a rhythm and how important it is to make sure you learn to live in the rhythm. 
  • Exodus 2…Moses was living in his rhythm until he killed a man. When that happened, it jacked his rhythm. He was then chased. The funny thing about Moses being chased was that those who where chasing him end up dead, yet he never stopped running. What are we running from in our past that has already died?
  • You make bad decisions when you wonder and wander.
  • If you are a dreamer, you have to surround yourself with other dreamers. Who are the dreamers you are surrounding yourself with…
  • God will make a demand on who you REALLY are in order to call it forth. 
  • You are called to start creating shade for others.
  • Palm trees in Lebanon show up in places they should not naturally be, so they can cast shade
  • Miracles come in clusters. They are always either coming or going. 
  • your miracle is in motion. it is a process of moving, flow, and progress
  • Supernatural is more real than the natural
  • dream with a dreamer
  • Your capacity is changing

I was SO impacted by the dreamer concept. So often we are categorized by those comfortable with us and are not allowed to dream because we buy into how we are defined by others. I love being around dreamers. I love being around people with vision, purpose, and dreams. I have dreams that I believe are God given and have to be birthed. I have to be surrounded by other dreamers. What God has for YOU and what he has for me is going to be amazing.