I had the opportunity to sit and listen to Tim Storey basically interview Gary Oliver over the course of several hours. FIRST, Tim needs a freaking talk show. That guy controlled the conversation by saying VERY VERY little. He would as great questions, on the fly, and really created an amazing atmosphere over dinner. As background, Tim and Gary have been friends for years, they both came to speak @ our camp meeting event, and I had the honor to sit down and listen to them talk after service one evening. I will blog in a few on the Tim stuff from this weekend, but first are some notes from conversations with  Gary: 

  •  Q: Where is worship headed? A: Simplicity. Taking it back to where people sing again. Still produced but not performance. 
  • The more you know about who you are the less you should think of yourself. The humble people are the people who know who they are and because they do, they are forced to be humble because of the reality of who they are. 
  • Poor – the definition if you break it down, can be translated as the lack of desire to work.