1. Church was smoking tonight. Services like this makes me want to freaking figure out all the crap I do wrong and fix it, fast, so I can do my part to change the world.
  2. I RARELY watch TBN. Just not my speed. Tonight was an amazing show on TBN. A round table discussion with a bunch of guys I have never heard about. The entire subject was about how the church can remain TRUE to being a church and still impact culture. VERY GOOD STUFF. Go here and watch the show. Some good stuff. Also, David and Nicole can sing!
  3. There is a new viral video for the current Kanye West single. I have to tell you, this is possibly one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. 
  4. Rob is a great kid. If you don’t know him, you should. Invest in peoples lives, it is rewarding.
  5. People get confused. Had an odd conversation today with a person who has allowed the faults of men to blur his perception of Christians. Really, life is not about being a Christian…it’s about being a Christ follower. It is not about religion, rules, crosses, churches, none of it…those are all great things but it is about following JESUS. Living how he does.
  6. Big big big sentence that impacted my life today: “If we really love Jesus, than our actions will change to become more like His. The problem is, we often care more about our wants, desires, lusts, and confusion than we care about turning and following Him.” If we really want to follow Christ, we have to change…today…now! 
  7. The world says: “You don’t matter until you do this, that or the other.” Jesus says: “You matter from the beginning.”

Good Night!