LEARNING THE UNFORCED RHYTHMS OF GRACE So since yesterday that line has haunted me, in a good way. It is perplexing me in a lot of ways. Grace can not be forced. We are saved by grace. Grace is something we do not deserve. How do you attain grace? you can’t attain it, it is a gift. So how do you learn the unforced rhythms of grace? well a few things have to happen. First, you have to spend time with Christ. The verse is clear about that. The more time you spend with Him the more like Him you become. The more you become like him, the more you learn to live in rhythm with Him and his grace. When grace is given, you have to accept it. To accept grace you have to start to change how you do things. You never want to presume on God’s grace. Presuming on His grace is knowing He will give you grace so you sin knowing you can be forgiven. We have to understand the magnitude of Grace and the fact that when you presume on God’s grace you are basically saying that the gift of grace is cool, but you can get it anytime you want….SCARY! That is such an arrogant approach to life. Find your rhythm today. Find the unforced rhythm of grace and start living in the rhythm….