here is todays thanks. I thank God for provision. I thank him for always looking out for me. I think him for taking care of me and my family even when we do not deserve all we receive. I thank God for the verse I was reading in Matthew last week that talks about how if he cares enough to take care of the the birds, how much more does he love me, his child. If he is taking care of the birds, he is taking care of me.Think how great our lives are. There are people who do not even have electric let alone a computer. Last night we saw a commercial for the iPhone and Isaiah said, “Dad, thats an apple computer. We have an apple computer. we have 2 apple computers really.” How spoiled are we? I think of the families in Africa I saw who did not have water, or a real roof. The people that tonight will be sleeping out in the rain right here in Daytona Beach, while I am sitting here writing a blog…I am overwhelmed with how blessed my life is…THANKS.Tomorrow is going to be a full day of church with some traveling to Jacksonville tomorrow night. I am lucky to have the life I live. Thanks God.