Greatness starts with an attitude. No one ever says, I want to really SUCK at this, but few people ever really achieve the great that God has designed for them. Greatness starts by making a decision and realizing that you can not be satisfied with good. Good things are all around us, and for those of you who have great Good to Great, you know that Good things are the biggest enemy of Great things. Great takes that little something extra. Great takes the extra step that “no one will notice.” If you do all the things that no one will notice, people will notice. Great is a culture. Great is working a little harder and working a little smarter. Great can not be friends with lazy. Great takes the extra mile that most people do not want to go. Great is a sacrifice. Great is a not being satisfied, even if you are the best at what you do. Great is also a continual process. It usually takes a long time to achieve great but you can lose great quickly. I have subscribed that for my life I want Great things. I want the work I do to be great. I want a great marriage, I want great kids, I want great relationships, I want to be surrounded by great. I want greatness, but I do not always achieve that goal.  Also, at times in life Greatness requires letting go to things that are comfortable to transition into a different posture that will allow you to reach Greatness. For instance, if you have a lot of drama in one area of your life, you may need to cut some things off, back, or out to eliminate the drama and allow for you to move into a position where greatness can be achieved. Anyway, I became a little frustrated today about some things and felt that I should write about what I have learned about Greatness. I have a long way to go, and I make a lot of mistakes. This, however, never removes the desire to achieve the Great. Now, back to my journey towards a great life.