Last night was an amazing service at Calvary. I have to be honest, sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of “doing” church. I go to a lot of services and sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not there just to help others experience God, but I can experience Him too. Great stuff.This morning I was reading Matthew 9 and a few amazing things jumped out to me. The most powerful thing though was this…in verse 29 Jesus says: “Become what you believe” . Now that is some pressure. It is SO easy to say what we believe, but to change our DNA and become what we believe is a small statement with a VERY tall order. I have so many freaking inconsistencies in my life. I know God is a God of grace, but I have to find a way to be more consistent. I have to press each day to become what I believe…are you what you believe?2 other things about chapter 9 that I love:

  1.  Jesus was impressed by the people who looked for him, worked to get to him, and believed they would leave different than they arrived. 2 amazing things about this are: how hard am I seeking him? and if I am attempting to live a “Jesus Style” life, are people better off after they have met me? am I making a difference in anyones life?
  2. Jesus hung out with “disreputable characters”. Jesus never surrounded himself with Christians and lived in a Christian bubble. He also said in vs 12: “Who needs a doctor, the healthy or the sick?” and in vs 13 “I am after mercy not religion” We get so caught up living in our little Christian bubbles with our Jesus forcefields up, shunning the very people that need us to love them. Loving sinners is more than a prayer on Sunday morning. Jesus was eating with them, he was hanging out in their lives attempting to make them BETTER!