Sometimes I am blown away by how real spiritual warfare can be. I am not the most “Spiritual” of people. I know people who see demons, i know people who have had to go through deliverance and have been broken free. None of this type stuff happens to me. I must say, for the most part, I do believe in all of this stuff. Over the past 3 days I have really felt an intense pressure in my life. I am not sure why, nothing has changed or anything, but it has been powerful. During this time I have felt very distant from people and I have had one of the most awful headaches I have ever experienced. In addition, a lot of the people in my life seem to be going through some rough times right now as well. I guess this is what spiritual warfare is about. I was reading a post yesterday from a guy who was talking honestly about how his church is going through a tough time and he has just aborted his programs and gotten serious about prayer. What an awesome reaction to trouble. I am taking his lead and am going to do the same.