img00018.jpgimg00052.jpg i have a ton of amazing things in my life. I have a great family, great wife, great parents, awesome friends. I have been trying to find 1 new thing to be thankful for each day for 30 days. I have not been as consistent as I should be with this. Hmmm, maybe i will start using this site as my place to list 30 things that I am thankful for…we will see how that works. If I do here is number 1. I LOVE MY KIDS. Kids are the best thing that could ever happen to your life. I remember sitting with a friend a few weeks back, don moen,  and he said to me: Brewster, have as many kids as you can. Children are your inheritance. Money will come and go, but your kids will be your legacy. That was awesome. It really made me rethink my position. One of the greatest things about my kids (As ashlyn is crawling up to the top shelf of the pantry and Isaiah is running around the house throwing stuff and singing bang bang choo choo train at the top of his lungs) they LOVE worship music. They love music in general but worship is their favorite. Not a day goes by that we are not forced to listen to “The Jason Upton Song” or “Number 10 (on israel’s new recording). I LOVE THIS! I remember as a kid driving in my parents car in Canada listening the Alabama. I also remember having 8 tracks of the imperials, lionel richie, and the jackson 5. I remember my Grandfather playing big band music on records in his house as he cleaned. I am thankful my kids will grow up loving worship and remember being young and hearing these songs. Zay even writes songs now. He will lay in his bed at night and compose songs, and they are all “songs to God”. Now if that is not a blessing, what is? Oh yea, he likes the girlfriend remix by Avril Lavigne and Lil’ Mama too…so there you have it.