I love to see people finding their destiny, stepping into their future, and figuring out all God has for them! Today, I witnessed a friend of mine leading worship. He did amazing. He has been leading worship for years in our youth department, but today he was co-leading in our 9 and 11:30 service. You could feel the call on his life. You could see the destiny. It was awesome. He did great, because he let God use him, move through him, and fill the room with His presence! Maybe it is just me but I love when people find their “thing” and God starts to promote them! MICHAEL, KEEP IT UP DUDE, YOU ROCK.Second: I got an email from a dear friend. She was very upset about some things she saw from people who are in leadership at churches. What I love about this girl is that  she is real. God is really dealing with me about reality. I was telling Jackie last night about how I love when people are real and I have to start striving to not allow myself to fall into the political crap in my life and be real. Anyway, my friend was looking at all the things that where bothering her and what really jumped out to me in her email was that God was still tugging at her heart. Even though she wants to run, wants to escape, wants to get away, and has EVERY reason to feel that way, she is haunted by the fact God won’t let her run away. God is awesome like that. He keeps after us because he loves us. He won’t give up even when we want him too! Church is hard folks. As long as people are alive, there will be hypocritical people, fake people, unholy people. Truth be told, at times I am all of the above. We can not hate the God of love because we are offended by the people who should be trying to be like him. more later.