m_223557d84bd79e03d90a6bf6e0513b60.jpg It is fun to watch people grow. I have been blessed to have some really great people in my life. One of the guys who I have known for a long time is a guy named Jeremy. Jeremy was a snot nosed little punk when I met him. Granted, he was only 15 at the time but he was still a punk. Jackie and I where youth pastors and from the moment Jeremy walked in the door he was in the cross hairs. Sometimes there are just people that you see the potential and the destiny God has for their lives straight from jump. Jeremy was that kid. Well fast forward 8 years, a lot of yelling, some hard conversations, several tears, some serious butt kicking, all the things that discipleship requires, and Jeremy is now the young adults at our church and will be getting married in less than a month. God has really done so much through this boy already. Jeremy and I have really had an amazing run. He has always been very teachable and it has been amazing to see him grow up, mature, become a leader, etc. At times I have had to reprogram my definition of our relationship because he is a full grown man now with his own successful ministry, about to have his own family, etc. To me, he is still J-Dizzle.  Last night was a defining moment in Jeremy’s life. He is going to have a lot of those over the course of the next 45 days between getting married, heading on his honeymoon, having Missy move in with him but last night was different. For the first time, Jeremy preached in one of our main services. We had a packed house last night. It looked like a Sunday morning. I knew my man was nervous, he is always nervous. Last night Jeremy spoke on “The Greatness Within”. My man did his thing. He had that place rock’n. They ate him up. The best part was at the end, there where a ton of people at the alter getting their lives fixed, finding Jesus, and discovering all that God has for them. I felt like a proud father or big brother. Watching him communicate, even when he said “mediocra” (must be a country thing, he is from TN), was amazing. God is going to use this kid in a big way. What a freaking amazing opportunity he has. To be doing what he is doing at 23, God has some big things planned for he and missy. Big things popp’n…. Great job Jeremy. Proud of you man.  This is only the beginning.