So I have been having an ongoing conversation with a friend about the difference between Sauls and Fathers. My friend told me that when he or his friends usually find a church that fathers really well it is usually at the max 500 people. However, when they visit bigger churches they see more of a Saul then a father. This has aroused a ton of questions for me. Why does my generation gravitate towards Sauls? Why do we choose a Saul over a Father? Here is what we have come up with through conversation. People buy into a Saul because they lack vision of their own. Additionally, this is birthed out being lazy. We would rather assume the vision of someone else than have to fight for our own vision. Sauls love God, and they are after the things of God, most of the time, but they are about THEIR vision and less about helping to achieve the vision of those around them. Also, the bible says you have many tutors but you have not many fathers. David had only God as a father, Saul could have fathered David, but he was to worried about his kingdom, and in the process he even lost part of his own relationship and trust from his own son, Jonathan.Part of the reason for the lack of fathering is people do not want to be fathered or they do not know how to be a father. Are you looking for a spiritual father or are you falling victim to the vision of a Saul? God has created you to have vision. God has a vision for you. Vision costs. Vision hurts. Vision is difficult. But you have to find your vision. “Where there is no vision my people will parish.” Vision is birthed out of an intimate relationship with God. So much of my generation and the next generation are to lazy to get in his presence and find OUR vision. Also, our attraction to a Saul is our desire to have a less intimate relationship with people which makes it easier to skate around our issues, not have discipline in our lives, and also, honestly, is just an easy way out.  Now for the disclaimer, I don’t think that all big churches are Saul driven. I am still working through what all these means and how you identify a Saul or a Father. It is a process and I am sure there are some AMAZING spiritual fathers our there that pastor churches over 500 people. This is new revelation to me and I am going to keep studying it till I get it figured out.  Welcome to the journey.