So, a good portion of my day has been spent listening, watching, and attempting to digest LIVE EARTH. Now understand I am a supporter of the concept, the plan, the project etc. Also, I LOVE MUSIC. So let me break down my impressions of what I have seen so far: A lot of money was spent to make this event sound, look, and feel great. With the exception of Pharrell in Brazil, I can not say that technically there has been many issues. it gets a bit tiring hearing all the political crap. I am for the cause, and the signs, screens, etc do a great job articulating the cause. who in the world decided how the cause would frame their communication? I learned a long time ago from a VERY wise man, Sam Chappell, that how you frame something is usually even more important than the actual something you are framing. These guys have come across smug, arrogant, elitist, and proud. Why not take a page out of the “red” or “one” handbook and come at the problem with humility rather than anger? I just do not get it. You have a great product, you have a great execution of your plan, and you ruin the entire thing with your attitude? wow….The music has been really good. I love artists. I love a great song. The passion, the craft, the talent…some of these artists have been just awesome. Some have also sucked but tonight I am going to refrain from going there.  almost like an ode to the good old days…I am sure that there will be a “live earth box set” to be purchased with all the footage on it and a portion of the proceeds will go to helping with eco issues. If not, there should be. Have a great night my blog friends. Next week is shaping up to be a busy one with a lot of miles so I will see you then.