Truth be told, I hit the ground running today and did not get time in my word. This is not good. I am going to have to carve that time out later today…I am frustrated today by the things that are defining us. Our style, our history, all these things can define us, but they really should not define us. The only things that should define who we are should be our relationship with Christ, our character, and our ability to change.  Those are the things that I want defining me…not the style of my church, not that I am white, not that I am straight, not that I am in some type of social class. What defined Jesus? HOW we do life is so much more important that how we SAY we do life.  Okay, enough of the heavy stuff, its Friday, lighten it up.Here are the top 10 songs on my ipod today:

  1.  say so – israel
  2. stronger – kanye west
  3. lose myself – lauryn hill
  4. out of control – kenna
  5. hide your love away – red letter agent
  6. beautiful people – jason upton
  7. in his presence – jason upton
  8. God love’s ugly – christa black
  9. can’t tell me nothin’ – kanye west
  10. break free – hillsong united