Yesterday I had lunch with a great guy. Randal Smalls is a guy who is living his dreams. Smalls is a life coach and pastor. Randal travels to recovery centers, churches, and does seminars on how to have a “better life” and also on how to recover from addictive behavior. in addition to being a speaker, Randal is the pastor to some heavy weight rock stars. You know the best thing about my buddy, “biggie smalls”, he is HUMBLE! We had coffee yesterday for a long time about the powers of marketing, blogging, book deals, some of the influence that he is having in different peoples lives. During our conversation the point that continued to come up was not the amazing desire to befriend celebrity, speak to masses, or be a crutch, but to complete the mission God designed. Randal felt called to do these things YEARS ago. now, God is moving and he is helping to change peoples life.  The action point from this time I had with biggie was that we should all be influencing someone. Who’s life are you impacting? Who’s world are you changing? Who are you encouraging to be better? I suspect that over the next 5-7 years, the push for real discipleship is going to be a bigger wave though culture. As Christians we always are trying to catch up to the wave, but if we are not going to disciple people, someone will.  Discipleship is not another service, it is not a small group. Discipleship is one on one helping people become better. You may influence a fellow Dr. or a co-worker, or a politician. The day may never come that you are pouring into the lives of athletes or rock stars, but the guy on the corner is equally as important as the guy on the stage. More to come later today!