Tony is the “chief strategic officer” at New Spring in SC. I have followed Tony’s blog for a long time. He is a great blogger. here are his blog notes as I took them. 

Session 4: Tony Morgan: 10 Reasons Not To Blog

1. you have not determined your primary audience. Have in your mind who you are writing too. primary and secondary audience. 


2. you do not post regularly. posts are the doorway to relationship. if you wanna get your stats up, you have to put out.


3. your posts are to long. 


4. your trying to sell yourself. people want to hear your story, good, bad, and mistakes. be authentic. 


5. do not use humor. every blog should have a does of humor. 


6. you’re attacking other people or ministries. hurt people hurt people. what are you for, not just what are you against…


7. you have forgotten that blogging is not private. eventually, people will find your blog, other churches, media, etc. you can not pull the post.


8. you’re not a thought leader. do not just cut and paste other blogs. what are your thoughts? we all have a story to share. 


9. you are listening to your critics. it comes out in your writing…do not change your style, flow, or rhythm.  just do you. you validate your critics when you acknowledge their criticism. 


10. you’re not revealing the real you. keep it real. what are you passionate about?