Tim Stevens ROCKED. he spoke about culture and how churches can relate to culture. Tim had by far the most interactive talk at the conference. it was really cool. here are the highlights. 

Tim Stevens: What is buzzworthy?


4 elements of buzz effects.

1. impact. 

2. language. you have to speak into the culture. what filter do you use to look @ your services? everyone has filters (family, consumer, parenting, relational, church, pop culture) culture is the most common filter, 

60% of people shape their theology based on music, film, book, and internet. 

reactions to culture: ignore, separate- “dont do this…dont do that”, condemn-judgemental, embrace-unauthentic, leverage-use it to help transform lives. jesus is @ work in pop-culture. artists are even becoming more aggressive with their spiritual life. — john 1:14. Christ became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” — use the language, the signs, the symbols, become a cross-cultural missionary. bridge the culture with the creator. why is a movie, book, artist, impacting our people?

3. beliefs – do you believe that lost people matter to God?

4. buzz

. Use pop culture as a hook. “what is capturing their attention” 

. Meet felt needs. do things that meet their physical and emothional needs so you can meet the spiritual needs.

. use pop culture to lower defenses. meet them where they are at.