Mark Batterson hosted the buzz conference. this was my first ever christian buzz here are the highlights from his 2 sessions. Mark spoke on the 10 rules of engagement as they relate to being a spy. Mark framed this talk in the sense of how we as christians should relate with culture and be spy’s in the world: 


session 1: mark batterson “i spy: know your mission”



Rules of engagement:

1. Know Your Mission: 

– it becomes easy to develop mission drift. 

– “there are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet.” 

– have a laser focus. 

– its all about 1 life @ a time…

  – the more you do ministry, the harder it  gets. the bigger and more success you have the more difficult it will become. 

– the reward for good work is more work. 

– the more we achieve, the tighter our focus should become. 

– what are we doing that we should stop doing and what have we stopped doing that we should start doing again. 

– do not waste critical energy in things that are not mission critical. 

2. Gather Intelligence 

– are we answering questions that no in is asking?

– we can exegete scripture, but can we exegete culture?

– irrelevance is irreverent 

– musicians and movie makers are the preachers of our culture

– movies and music are altars to an unknown God

– movies and music are honest and brutal

– quoting sources other than the bible let the unsaved know you are not living with your head in the sand. when you quote the bible you get cred with christians, when you quote the culture you get cred with the unsaved. 

– how do you study about the creator if you do not study his creation.


3. maintain a natural pace. 

– pace yourself so you do not get to frustrated

– its not about what you can do for God, it is what He has done for you. do you care more about god speaking thorough you or that he is doing something in you. sermons should be more experienced…what god is doing through you. 


4. Vary your pattern

– change up what you do, incorporate the element of surprise

  Final Thought: everything is an experiment. you have to be willing to risk mistake. 


session 6: mark batterson: 


5. assume you are under servialance . we are being watched all the time. the more vulnerable a person is the more lovable they are. embrace your imperfections. the greatest freedom is having nothing to prove. when you disprove yourself, others will try to prove you. 

stop trying to be a pastor and just try to be yourself. 


6. blend into the crowd. 

“If you are not remarkable you are invisable” – seth godin

“Criticize by creating” michalangelo 

7. avoid defensiveness at all costs. becoming defensive causes you to become detectable. 

the church has a perception problem. reasons are the media and the fact we to often stand to much for what we are against and less about what we are for. understand we should always ask the question “Who are you going to offend.” because we are not going to please all the people all the time. stay positive in the criticism. do not let criticism penetrate your heart until after it passes through the filter of scripture. 


* find a positive way to address negative situations. 

 “laughter is the closest distance between 2 people” – plato


8. be aware of your enviornment at all times. be a first class “noticer.” notice people, issues, things, etc before anyone else can. 


9. never go against your gut. cultivate your instincts so you can use it as a tool and not a liability. 


“The difference between where you are and where you are supposed to be could be one hard decision away.”  – craig g


10. don’t look back.