Here is Craig’s second talk…this was a moving time @ the conference. 

Session 5: Craig G – IT

Practical Atheist – someone who believes God exists but lives like he does not. In ministry it is someone who believes God exists but does ministry like he does not. 

hybel – the way i was doing the work of god was destroying the work of god in me. 

3 things happen when you slip into practical atheism (you would never say these things but they are how you do what you do):

1. you believe your effort is better than gods power. you would never say this but how you do ministry expresses this…

its by my might, its by my power and not the spirit says the lord

– if i do a good enough job, God will bless my ministry. 

– if/when it fails: either God let me down or I did not work hard enough.

– if you blame yourself for the failure then you will accept the praise for the increase. it is NOT about you. 

2. we start to believe that our private life does not affect our public ministry. (not just the things that will get you fired, but also the spiritual stuff)

3. we believe we must please people more than we must please God. 

    when you are afraid of the people they can control what and how you say to them.  

    over time you will drift. it is not one sinful decision it is neglect after neglect, small decision after small decision. the people you are ministering to are bothering you. you no longer feel you have time for funerals and weddings. 


ONE STEP. taking one step forward before he speaks in order to step out of him and step into Him. 

5 radical things that changed when you take ONE STEP:

1. time in gods word, fasting, prayer 

2. realm of faith. where you hear from God and get a chaztown. get to the place where it has to be God. do some things that cause you to bet the farm. 

3. authentic confession – we go to god for forgiveness and people for healing. 

4. full blown intentional accountability. you ministry will never outgrow your personal accountability. your willingness to be accountable shows your willingness to be corrected.

5. you step into the boldness of preaching gods word. it is gods word that changes people not stages, series, culture, etc…we have to preach biblical truth over relevance. we can not let it drift to far the other direction.