wow. so now i have to try and take all this information and put it into words…here it goes:First some things we have taken away from this conference:1. there is no ego @ this conference. a lot of the places we go and see other fellowships or churches, or pastors is FULL of ego. most of the time ego is birthed out of insecurity. these are just regular people. now i gotta say, i felt a little out of the loop since we are just starting to do what a lot of these other guys have been doing for a long time but it was awesome. ALSO…the no ego rule holds true to the speakers as well. they cheerfully hung out between sessions, chatted with people, and communicated non-verbally their true authenticity.2. just because people don’t do what you do how you do it they are still after the same thing…changed lives. troy and i have been digesting this concept for the past 30 hours. so often it is easy to see the success god has blessed us with and then we get caught up in how we do it but all these ministries from all these places are all after the same thing, changed lives. from seeker sensitive, to progressive, from planters to established, with video, without video….ITS ALL ABOUT SOULS! 3. mark batterson and craig groeschel are  Groeschel