I was talking with my friend Jay. Jay was in a marketing meeting with a client and the client was looking over the plan that was laid out for the project. The client was continually asking “what is the big idea.” So often we are looking for the “big idea” that we look over a ton of GREAT ideas. In life, big ideas are awesome, and when God gives us these ideas, we need to jump all over them. However, a lot of times, if we are diligent in the process and work the venues we can control the outcome is better than we could imagine, and even trumps the outcome of the “big idea.” I would rather have a team step up to the plate and hit 3 doubles than have one guy hit one home run while the next 2 guys strike out. 3 doubles would equate to 2 runs…2 is better than 1. i don’t need harvard business school to figure that out. If you are consistently winning the little battles, the big battles take care of themselves. So stay diligent in your good ideas, always be looking for your God ideas, and keep living the success of today. Todays success has a direct reflection on tomorrows situation.  Another friend of mine, Steve, sent me the new Lauryn Hill joint. It is cool. Not what you would have expected, but since it does not look like the fugees are going to figure it out any time soon, I will gladly embrace this morsel and listen to it over and over until i wear out my ipod.finally, im getting really excited about rolling out to the buzz conference.  I will get the chance to hang out with a bunch of guys that are committed to changing culture, and making church a better place. I read a lot of blogs, and several of the guys I read will be there, so I have high expectations for my first ever Christian conference that is not music related. I also hope to get a chance to hang out with this guy. He is an amazing musician, songwriter, and voice. He is dope and you should check him out.