here are a lot of things i have to catch up with:first, vacation has rocked. days at the pool, lunch and dinner with great friends, meeting new friends, awesome stuff. i will post 2 additional notes today about some great stuff i learned on this trip.last night we had dinner with a great guy named sam, with this guy and with this guy. awesome stuff. we also went to chapel yesterday with our friends and heard this band. now this is a band that has been around for 10 years but is all new. the oldest guy in the band is 29 and the lead singer, omega, is 20! and this brother can SING! check them out right here. love to be with my old school peeps. good times! we went to noja, a very very trendy spot. who know such a place existed in alabama.  great times. enjoy the music. also, head the remix album for hillsong london…ROCKS!