Beautiful People

Vacation, Israel, and Snoop

Day 1 of vacation was a wet one. But also a great one. Here is a quick run down of the day:- woke up and went to the lobby and made waffles. isaiah eats so much better when he is the chef. – ran to target to pick up some junk for the room. we gotta have chocolate milk.- went to mobile bay and visited the uss alabama. This was really cool. got to walk all through the ship, see how those navy brothers had to live. i could not have done all that, but I am SO glad they did. additionally, every person had a job that was equally important even if the pressure or the title was not on the same level. equal responsibility is a hard concept to get people to buy, but if they do, you see your organization go to another level. – then with all the rain, we went to the integrity offices and saw some friends. jay king is the man, betsega rocks the cass, great to see rick again, don was cool as always and sam is the man.- dinner @ bonefish with sam. great shrimp, great convo, great times.- starbucks to end the night- 2 in the morning fire drill @ the hotel (thanks for that)the new isreal and new breed record is going to stretch some people. however, with songs like say so, he will be JUST FINE! I saw this post. Snoop dogg reading an andy stanley book. Go check it out. (, i have not forgotten fathers day, but i have an appointment at the pool and i have to hit the gym first. out 

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