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Simply Put…SIMPLE WORKS. It is funny to me how God relates to different people. A lot of times, I will feel God tell me something, then I will see that “thing” all over the place. I really feel God has called me to simplify my life. That is NOT easy for me. But not just my life…everything.

SIMPLE works. Simple sells. Simple is easier to manage, but simple is not always easy to achieve.

In reading “Made To Stick” I have learned the importance of simple. Simple must be embraced. Simple like greatness, happens on purpose. So how do we “DO SIMPLE”?
1. Find the things you are great at, and do them! Things you are average or slightly above average at, delegate to others. For instance, I have a decent eye. HOWEVER, i am not a fantastic administrator. So let other administrate the idea.
2. Define what you or your project is supposed to do, then do not add anything to it, NOTHING! For instance, when creating the Palm Pilot the creator had just seen Apples failure and did not want to copy that catastrophe. So he carried around a block with him to remind him of the key important features of the Palm Pilot: Calendar, Contact, Memo. Just cuz you can add features does not mean you are going to be better for it. Just cuz you can add ministries, product lines, etc, is that the core of what you are supposed to do?
3. Weed out the complexities. If something becomes complicated, strip it down to the core of the issue and build it back up in a simple manner. We have to keep things simple. People understand simple. They do not understand 14 page instructions with power point slides, diagrams, etc. STRIP IT DOWN. I have heard that if you can not fit your marketing plan on one page, you are being wordy. WOW.

So today, I encourage simplicity. Find simple in your life, then ROCK IT.

Thanks to everyone. Yesterday was a record day at…almost 60 visitors in a day. You guys rock.


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